We can supply different types of pump such as:

• Axial Flow Pumps
• Horizontal Pumps
• Vertical Pumps
• Multi Stage Pumps
• Submersible Pumps

Materials of Construction

With respect to application of pump we will offer proper materials for each part of pump. Material range will vary from Gray iron for pump body to super duplex for impeller. Each component of pump such as sealing or shafts will be ed according to manufacturer`s experience or customer`s request. Also API requirements can be considered if customer announces such requirements.

Type Standard Options
Centrifugal Pumps API 610 API 682.614.670
Reciprocating Pumps API 674
Positive Displacement Pumps API 676
Metering Pumps API 675


• Single stage horizontal centrifugal pump
• Radially split casing with flanged connections horizontal end suction and top discharge on the center line
• Enclosed or Semi- impeller
• Clockwise rotation (viewed from coupling end)
• Foot mounted
• Oil lubricated

Design Features

• ANSI/ASME Standard B 73.1 (Oh1)
• “Back Pull Out” design for ease of maintenance, allows for removal of pump assembly without disturbing casing flanges connections.
• Enclosed or Semi- impeller
• Standard or large bore stuffing box ion allows for use of packaging, and all designs of single or double mechanical seals.
• Close Coupled assembly available
• Options for high and low temperatures available

Standard Construction Materials

• All ductile iron
• Ductile iron / stainless
• All 316 stainless steel
• Alloy 20, hastelloy, zirconium and other materials available upon request

Operating Limits

• Capacity to 1,150 m /h (5,000 U.S. GPM)
• Head to 235 m (770 ft)
• Temperature -45 to 315 C (-50 to 600 F)


• Petrochemical
• Oil & Gas
• Steel Industry
• Automotive
• Food Processing
• Power Generation
• Pharmaceuticals
• Water Treatment
• General Process